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Online blackjack games have a lot of payout potential for Australian players. However, to take full advantage of the massive payouts, players must first learn how to play blackjack. Our comprehensive guide will teach any beginner the basics of online blackjack. This way, you don’t have to waste time or lose money trying to learn any particular blackjack game you’d like to play. Simply read our easy to follow guide below and you’ll be playing blackjack and winning real money in no time! We promise to provide you with all the basic blackjack rules as well as give you a blackjack strategy that will minimise your losses and increase your wins.

Blackjack is a game where the player must beat the dealer to win. The dealer controls the game and hands out cards to all the players at the table. Thanks to advancements in technology, you can now play a number of online blackjack variations at home or on the move. Blackjack online is played the exact same way that blackjack was intended to be played at a land-based casino, just with added convenience. This makes the online blackjack game more entertaining and easier to play.

Learn the Basic Blackjack Rules

In order to make learning the game of blackjack much easier, we’ve developed a step by step guide of how each round plays out. This will teach you the online blackjack rules you need to know and then we’ll show you how to get the best hand and beat the dealer.

Step one

Before any round can start, you must first place your bet. Once you’ve chosen your bet amount and proceeded, the dealer will then hand out two cards to you and himself. The only difference is that both your cards are dealt face up, but the dealer will have only one card facing up. This will prompt your next move.

Step two

Upon viewing what card the dealer has and calculating your hand value, you must choose from the following options for your next move.

  • You can hit to add another card until you’re satisfied or bust.
  • You can double down which is a special bet used to ask for just one more card with double your original stake.
  • You can opt to split if your initial hand contains a pair of the same cards, so you can play two or sometimes three separate hands.
  • You can also place an insurance bet, which is a counter bet at an additional cost to the dealer having a blackjack.
  • You can surrender half of your original bet if you feel you just won’t win from your initial hand.

Step three

Basic blackjack rules dictate that if you go over 21, you bust and immediately lose. So be careful not to hit too many times. There are unique online blackjack card values when calculating your hand total.

  • 1-9 uses its face value
  • 10 and all picture cards are worth 10
  • Aces can either be valued at 1 or 11, depending on your hand.

Step four

After you decide to stand, or play an insurance bet, it is then the dealer’s turn to play. Their objective is to beat your hand unless you’ve got a natural blackjack. In blackjack, if your initial hand equals 21, you win instantly. However, if you build a hand of 21 and so does the dealer, the round becomes a tie. Players may only qualify for the insurance bet if the dealer has an Ace showing. If the face down card happens to not be any 10-valued card, the player loses their insurance bet, however should the dealer have a natural, players win a payout.

Step five

The round ends once both the player and dealer calculate their hand totals. The player under and closest to 21 wins that round. The next round begins by placing your bet again.

Special Online Blackjack Tips

Blackjack is a game where the house edge is very small compared to the likes of craps. This however, can change depending on the particular blackjack game you decide to play. Still, no matter which one of the online blackjack games you’re playing, here are some tips you could incorporate in a blackjack strategy.

  • Let the dealer hit: If the dealer has a face up card between 4 and 6, they have a chance of busting. If you play cautiously enough, doubling down or splitting may not be a bad option. If the dealer does end up having a soft hand, they will be forced to hit continuously, which could lead them to bust.
  • Hold on tight to a hard hand: In the event your initial hand happens to be hard 17, you should always opt to stand. While this isn’t particularly secure, it will save you from the bigger possibility of busting and standing no chance to win at all.
  • Never split tens: The best pairs to split are Aces and eights. This will give you two chances to win a payout as the chance to get a blackjack is now doubled.
  • Never insure your bet: Insurance bets are tricky to win and aren’t won very often. This is because some players fail to realise that the insurance bet only pays out if the dealer has a blackjack from their first two cards. If the dealer hits their way to a blackjack, the insurance bet does not pay out and you lose extra money.

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