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Sports betting is quickly becoming one of the biggest forms of online gambling in Australia. Sports betting websites are flooded with Australian punters seeking the best odds and free bets. Golden Riviera Casino Australia will get you up to speed with everything that concerns online sports betting and the best betting sites.

Aus sports betting is extremely popular and that’s why it’s worth your while to find a sports betting website that you like. Punters are already taking advantage of great bonus rewards at Australian betting sites. The best online sports betting sites offer bonus credit and a welcome bonus to Australian punters who gamble with real money.

Below are Australian betting sites that offer the best sports betting bonuses on the internet. Each will offer a different betting experience to the other. However, with Golden Riviera Casino as your one-stop online betting guide, you can be sure that every one of these Australian betting sites will excite you in every way possible.

One-Stop Online Betting Guide

Our online sports betting reviews are compiled by a team of experts who specialise in sports betting online. The sports betting industry is filled online betting sites, so punters are spoiled for choice but also in danger of falling victim to scam sites. You shouldn’t go to just any online betting company because you could end up losing your money. This is why we do all the research for you with out extensive knowledge of the sports betting industry. Here’s how we’ve picked the best aus sports betting sites for you.

  • Best betting odds: The best odds are standardised across almost every online betting site. However, a bigger online betting company will be able to offer the best betting odds. Sports betting casinos online may even offer a bonus when you sign up to bet with them.
  • Mobile sports betting functionality: Every online betting company must also have their own mobile betting sites. Some may even have their own mobile betting app that you can download onto your smartphone. This shouldn’t be a bonus, it should be a standard feature.
  • Online Australian betting security: Every betting site we rate highly on our page ensures that every online Australian betting session is tightly secured. This includes using the top security measures so that punters are always secure.
  • Best signup bonus: Australian betting sites that offer a bonus when you sign up is where you want to be. The next step is finding the best signup bonus. These great bonus rewards should be part of every sports betting online experience.
  • Live betting: Not every online betting site offers live betting to punters. Nonetheless, we’ve found Australian betting sites that do offer live betting as an option. This takes online Australian betting to another level completely.

Sports Betting for Real Money Online Casinos

Most Popular Sports Betting Options

Sports betting Australia online offers punters the widest variety of sporting events to bet on. Legal sports betting sites cater to every kind of punter with different odds on each outcome. The odds are what you’ll get paid out according to. The less likely an outcome, the higher the odds will be and the bigger the payout will be should the outcome occur. There are all kinds of sports betting options online that you can bet on, here are the top five.

Tennis sports betting

Tennis betting is one of the most lucrative sports to bet on. Punters who enjoy this game will know that there is room for upsets besides the usual powerhouses who dominate every match. Upsets will have higher odds which means great payouts. The biggest tennis events to bet on include:

  • Wimbledon
  • US Open
  • Australian Open

Horse racing

Not every online betting site will have horse racing as a betting option. However, this is one of the earliest forms of gambling and has since been made available at some Australian betting sites. Betting on horses is slightly more tricky than other sports and will require more extensive research on the particular horse you choose. Of course, you could also just try your luck and bet on one with a name that you like. The most popular horse racing event in Australia is the Melbourne Cup.


Golf is a relatively simple game to understand, however predicting an overall winner of a tournament can prove to be much trickier. Another betting opportunity in the golf market is betting on the finishing positions of certain players, as well as who will qualify for or miss the cut for a particular tournament. The top tournaments in golf include:

  • The Ryder Cup
  • The PGA Tour
  • The Masters: US Open

Sports betting soccer

Soccer, or football as it’s known in Europe, is one of the most popular sports to bet on. There are a wide variety of betting options for this sport as well. These include the full-time score, half time score, possible scorers and a draw result to name a few. The most lucrative leagues and tournaments to bet on include:

  • The English Premier League
  • The UEFA Champions League
  • LA Liga (Spanish soccer league)

Basketball sports betting

This is a fast-paced sport which usually contains high scoring games. Punters have the chance to bet on final scores, winner of each game and top scorer of each game to name a few. Some of the best tournaments to win real money from, besides the Basketball World Cup are:

  • The NBA
  • Basketball Olympic Games
  • Commonwealth Games – Basketball